The young conservative as a kitschy fact on the ground

It’s like he saw a movie about himself  starving.

It’s like he saw a movie about his best girl running off with a liberal.

Its like he saw a movie about being in a room where asses needed to be kissed and he was too short to reach them.

He saw a movie called Zorro and felt sorry for the CEO.  

He took soulfulness lessons from egos with borderline personality disorder.  

He looks like a guy who has a hall pass from Jesus, so he does not have to deal with real classwork.

Kiss me grandma, I stole money from your purse, out of love for you. 

It’s like he saw a movie where he worked as as one of 57,000 nuns on family assistance issues, then was one of the 57,000 priests who dressed in dresses who replaced the nuns. It was exciting.  

It’s like he saw a movie.

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