The Vice President’s Toothbrush

The young neoconservative in the nest is not always a raptor. 

Often he is a chicken with a scary toothbrush.  

He lays eggs that never hatch, passes no bills that make any sense in Congress.  But he has a special toothbrush with a rubber beak for massaging his gums.

 It has stiff bristles for getting that smile clean for a photo op.

He often looks mad or sad, and the smile is practiced, like drawing a gun in front of a mirror.

He has a toothbrush to scrape the remains of bullshit off of his tongue.

He knows that no matter how loudly he crows,  he is a chicken pretending to be a raptor.

He wants to run something down and kill it,  even if its a program or policy that helps people die with dignity.

He comes out each day with a quick draw smile.




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