Vampire rats

Vampire rats are the new pets of   the American Right.

Vampire rats have no sense of smell.  

They feed on the hopes of those closer to the sewer and the dole. 

Their canines grow out of their nose.

They look damn friendly. 

They do not kill the body, just the soul.

(sound of guitars beaten, and rat traps going off on drums)

A clog on wooden feet. 

A line dance with moon stroke.

A baby can grow up  happy and smoke a joint and provide jobs by being in the joint and still get a joint,  and play the jail bar harp.  In the ‘Three Strikes And You Are Out band.’

A private jail is a nursing home for spiritual hopelessness, and it is listed on Wall Street.  

After a while, those vampire rats can just suck the life out of the kid next door.  


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