When tv has an ass hole.

What is the difference between a portable toilet and a television?

Its a complex question.

Is truth fiber? Does it prevent colon cancer in news feeds?

Is a lie a purgatory? Is it a little programed hot sauce that makes ones bowels let go for the cause? 

Is the holy lie, a different kind of turd?

Is a slander  a smear of the ego cheese of a lesser mind on the bagel of ones good name? 

Does truth stimulate the excavation of news or the elimination of the news?

If a lie is more fun than the truth, who pays for truth?  

Do corporations,  pay networks to leave a little bit of petrified dinosaur dung called a coprolite caught in the throat of the news?

Is this the same thing as a brand? 

You were raised smelling a happy turd of a brand? 

A brand is a mask in front of a global theft of non sustainable resources to make something that becomes obsolete over and over.

Being against birth control is a brand.

Is a line of urinals at a football stadium the Newtonian model of web smell for a brand of beer that got the concession?

What does the truth smell like on a good day?

Has the national nose run away from home?







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