They stay with a parent until old enough to go out alone

Rash Limbach found himself in labor. His mouth had needed birth control for years. He had slept with the idea of fascism and the close association had made him pregnant.

Supple little swastika’s were crawling out of his mouth. They gave him a little hug and dropped to the floor. He found them in the great room marching back and forth in perfect step. A few were swimming in the pool with a propeller stroke. They had killed a mouse and were eating it. They scoured the house for roaches.  They were good cleaners.

They were the color of his eyes. They are useful to him in his attacks on others. He is very afraid that a verbal  birth of swastika’s might turn into public vomiting of the more meaty thing in front of a camera.

He had recently attacked a woman about birth control. He vomited swastika’s the next day. Rash hoped God was not a woman, because if she was he was going to become an atheist.



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