The poor quality of their prayers had rotted God. He would visit floating out of a stinky cloud, unable to speak, and without papers.

The massive head appeared in the sky.  One could smell it for ten miles. It dripped and its nose bled.  A tooth fell out and crushed a car. 

 People thought perhaps it was the end days, and maybe their heads would become as big and stinky as their egos and float into the sky.

The big head looked like a tired shoe salesman who had smelled the feet of the world.

People cried at the same time they held their noses. It floated in the sky for weeks, blown by the winds. It was front page news.

Possun News Corp said it was a warning that people did not pray enough.

When it hovered over a large group of athiests, it seemed more relaxed.

There just were not enough Athiests for a good vacation from the holy shouting, shooting and killing.

God tried nudist colonies, but after all, German nudists had sent their neighbors nude to the camps.

He tried pig farms, turkey operations, places where animals outnumbered people, but the only places that offered relief were the vastness of ice floes and the beauty of the polar bear nation, the orchestra of the jungle, alive without the clamoring of men who want to farm it. 

He was not sure what prayer was the straw that broke the camels back and brought him down to suffer a road trip as the personification of man as a rotting head.

It could have been. Anyone.

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