The Crazy Pain Of Happy Racism

That look on the face of a racist is a dental x-ray of heaven.  The joy on that face can break a child’s heart at any distance.

You can smell the look on a racists face.

The smell climbs up the body politic, and hangs like bad smoke on any uniform. Its  bad barbecue after church, from a cookbook where someone has cooked the book.

Canning racist speech at the temperature history cooked those words ain’t canning peaches.

Go to the store and look for Happy Racism. Just be careful when you open the can.

A Technical Racist learns just how much racism can be used to break and enter the mind.

The look on the face is an x-ray of heaven. It smells like baking bread, it smells like buzzards, held under the nose digesting the dead and yet smelling like good yeast rising in the national oven.

It tries to pray away the gay, the poor, the others without heath care. Its a crazy pain to be so evil with such a joyful face.





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