Spartacus and Ms. Syrup

If one looks at Spartacus and the uprising of the slave class led by that brilliant and heroic figure and compare him to Ms. Syrup and others of that brand of conservative sweetness: one finds the Sweet Teas in congress are not exactly a slave class, since they are paid for by the very people Spartacus would have been fighting. Ms. Syrup could be their leader, but perhaps would have to be called Dingbatticus. Her revolution would be a dingbattery against reason, but perhaps to be fair, she was swung from the ankles by batters like Big Oil, in an attempt to bat economic reason right out of the park. Perhaps that is the origin of her slightly vulnerable and confused look, in so many images of her, the continual hits to the head, as one bad idea is batted out of the park after another took a terrible toll.

When one uses her as a possible model for Dingbattery, both men and women in the Tea Party can be a dingbat in that kind of baseball game. Its easy to see others in the same dugout. Head down, feet up, blinking in confusion and happy greed. A box full of dingbats, waiting to be swung at the bad idea of the day, to send a stinking fly ball, over the right wing fence.


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