What Is A Shithead?

Is it an organic sculpture in a mobile form?

Is it natural?

Is it an acquired practice?

Is it nature or nurture or manure? 

Is it accidental, that stinky ideas make their way to the national breakfast bowl by generative gas?

Is using racism as a way to get people to vote against others  a bit like fracking for gas next to a pristine river of DNA? 

Is there a river of national fairness that is like a pristine river of clean mountain water?

One has to stink up by degrees the environment of poltical discourse or the idea of clean water so much that its ok to be a Shithead?

In fact, being a Shithead is patriotic.

There should be a law against wrapping the flag around a shitty idea for profit.  

There should be a law about fracking that makes the company CEO drink from every well.

Kings had poison testers. Towns should make the kings of gas and oil be the posion testers. Not their women and babies and children, and farmboys and cows and wildlife.

Your T shirt smells bad with that racist slogan on it.

Your water smells bad with that ancient shit in it.

If you look like a felon who excaped from reason and saved madness as a chunky bit of honored excrement-

If you want to go back to the past as a thin runny discharge of Libertarian ichor;  if you want to poison others for profit-

Own it.





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