Salome and ‘Pullet Hawk’ as a ceramic ‘buffoonery’ artifact

I have long wondered while looking at the chachkies of political candidates sold before elections  why they are made by the parties and not the ones afflicted by them.

A souvenir of a game played with a built in applause track.  

Why not voodoo objects of pointed commentary mailed by millions of makers to their elected leaders.

 National piles,  of weatherproof historical commentary.   

Perhaps being created out of responsive mud, with the visual angst needed get in touch with ourselves as artifacts on the ground, might give the political  chachkie unique feet.  

Would one say it was piling on?

Oh, did you make that, its….awful!

Go back to art school and beg them to put you to sleep.

The politician hears that five thousand chachkies from hell are going to show up in the mail.

Oh, the horror!



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