The Death Of A Puppet

 You repair your own strings.

You  move when you need to play on the stage of family, job, friends.  

Your show is the small theater of daily life. 

You know that you pull your own strings some of the time.

You can pull your strings with love or hate.

Others can pull your strings as well.  

Disasters can cut lots of strings at one time.

It can produce a dying sound.

Puppets do not like carry permits for scissors.

The phrase scissors don’t kill people puppets do, rings hollow when a puppet kills his or her entire family.

How many scissors are sold out of the back of cars at flea markets to crazy puppets.

We try to live in a nation that believes in keeping the strings alive in family, job, and country as long as possible.

We do not want to put our fellow puppets in an Urn.   

A policy can be as dangerous as scissors in the hands of a mad puppeteer.    






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