Pensive Racist

Her lips are like the hole that denies its a hole. Where old anger is buried and has rotted and needs to squeeze out.

The Shy Pie Hole.


She can smell her mouth.

She wipes it all the time. It so hard to hold it all in. 

A smelly mouth is a burden.  

She can be sweet, calm, having a good day, and suddenly a turd word comes screaming out of her mouth in the car.

She carries wind shield cleaner and wet wipes.

She wipes her mouth, and watches Possum News and loves it when someone else lets a bad word out. Its like watching a dog lay one on the curb. She has always liked watching dogs do their thing, particularly in front of certain neighbors houses.

Her brain feels like it needs to go to the bathroom in someone elses head. 

She holds it in, she is the pensive racist.


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