Patheticism In Conservative Politics


There is deep sadness in the young ultra conservative who works out in the Congressional Gym,   trying for that muscular lack of human fitness that qualifies as true Patheticism.

To be pathetic and yet define what a woman should be allowed to do with her body gives the Patheticism of the super conservative male a false sense of manhood.  

Its like the old story about the weakling on the beach who gets sand kicked in his face. 

They are too intellectually weak to get buff with true science, or a God that is the free range birth and death of a universe.

They live near the bling of pubic mound politics about abortion, birth control and family planning.

The patheticist  never has enough false patriotism.

The patheticist declares war from the weakest part of his ego.

The Patheticist hates science, because denial is the high ground of ignorance. 

Denial is a bird rack in the sea of the mind, where Guano is collected.

The young patheticist is a sadly constipated bird at sea. 









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