Not Quite A Truffle, Not Quite A Pig

He was an expert at finding political truffles.  They did not smell like an expensive fungus, but they could be used to spice a salad of class warfare against those who had fungal jobs for the button eyed sons of rich men.

These sons had not inherited the nose of their truffle pig of a father, so many of them had to hire Ka Rose to find the right lie to wave at the  face of truth.

These little black gems leaked stink. He he did not find stink, he invented it. He was the inventor of the well wrapped conservative hard candy that has so poisoned the future of America. It was not about principles, it was about winning.

He is confused now by the Tea Party, since it wants to lose.

He is revered by conservatives for finding these political truffles. He is a pink little man with  porcine grace, and the clever snout of a sow in political heat. 

To Ka Rose, the nose knows.




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