Norquistrians Ride The Mechanical Bull Shit, Backwards.

An equestrian rides an elegant horse with some horse sense.

A Norquistrian rides a mechanical bull that produces some very tasty bull shit.  Conservatives eat it, and wear it as a party hat. They wear it on buttons at conventions where they celebrate their favorite cowboy.

He is a spiritual twelve year old who wants to keep all of his allowance.

He makes  grown men sign a piece of paper.

He rides the mechanical bull shit  backwards to help pass out the proctological narcissism of No New Taxes.  All those who want to keep all their allowance cheer his riding skill.

Many narcissistic proctologists  stole so much money, they have to keep it it in Swiss Bank Accounts or in the Cayman Islands.

It does not stink so bad off shore.

We admire them for being able to cheat the system, while riding backwards like Norquistrians.

We share taxes for the common good.  They steal taxes, for their own good.

The anti tax Privateer wears a pirate hat made out of stolen wealth.

He sneaks ashore at night with a bag of stolen money to bury in an off shore tax haven. He has to remember his passwords, to sneak a look at your stolen taxes. The bag glows in the darkness of those bank accounts.

You can visit your treasure like a big pirate, just put the ship’s dog in a cage on top of the longboat and vacation in the Cayman Islands.

Once off shore the wealth is international. It owes nothing to places where the corporate raider came ashore in someones life.  You wrecked them on the rocks, and the remains go to  lawyers with hooks for hands to pay the producers of the destruction a return on their investment in piracy.

A Norquistrian is just a carnival barker for piracy.







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