What a neo conservative does not really have in his pants.

Girl gangs have existed in nations during civil wars, holding field trials and performing executions of rapists and killers.

This occurs in nations without police or law or courts, when one gang of men fight another and it spills into their families, and blood soaks into  cultural and religious ground and one gang rapes the wives and daughters of the other.

The most effective response has been girl gangs.

Such girl gangs often carry assault rifles after being assaulted.  Men trapped in the darkness of their own contempt are terrified and executed on the spot.

In America, a land of laws, if laws are passed to outlaw the abortion of a rapist’s baby, to prevent birth control to make a rape more fertile,  then the woman  has been placed into a in a lawless state of state of terror in her own womb lands.   

Should she go to war with the men who pass the laws?  What level of violence is allowed?

If she became a member of the Sling Shot gang and made fake testicles out of mechanically separated meat food products, hand molded them,  and fired them at the heads of men who are viewing them with contemptuous and violent love.

If the Vice Presidential candidate, ‘Pullet Hawk’, got meat balled,

Would they be arrested for biological warfare?



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