Man Who Could Preach Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth At The Same Time.


One wonders why Christian conservatives do not recognize Jesus as a liberal reformer, and  God as a progressive  explosion of light traveling without judgement to warm the chemical seas of planets and the strange inner sea of man. 

They deny Jesus is compassionate, and is for sharing ones wealth and good fortune.

They deny that Jesus did not like kings and money changers and cold blooded CEO’s and Corporate Raiders if they glorified greed over sharing their good fortune.

God is over medicated by covenants built by political tribalisms.  

The Rich Conservatives know  it would take a human sized blender, a funnel,  and a tube to get them  through a keyhole into heaven. 

They put their money into off shore TAX HEAVENS using a blender of lies, a tube of privacy, and a keyhole of a tax loop hole.

Their money can go to heaven, even if they are worried they will not get a ticket.

They are shipwrecked on an island of self in a dark inner sea, talking out of both sides of their mouths to have some company.

Tax Heaven conservatives sleep with the self out of national wedlock. Its a form  of infidelity with the social contract.  

Its called being ones own bitch. Its a sad factum of anti tax narcissism.

They live inside a blender of misinformation about compassion, and feel rich enough to purchase the hardware to make it to financial heaven, from preachers who talk out of both sides of their mouths to gain large contributions to their Spiritual Corporations.  

 They put an NRA permit into Jesus’s hand, give him a bank account in Switzerland, where there were more Nazi bank accounts than Jack Rabbits on a Southern dirt road.  

One should leave God as expanding LIGHT, falling on and through the nation, state, and citizen. 

In order to avoid God Burn this light is filtered by civil rights and common generosity.






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