Man Who Cleans Up After Ka Rose

The conservative party has no rule about cleaning up after their pets when they lay one on the public trust. The only time you see their nasty bits is when they make a mess of the English Language in public.

Its very stylish to just insult someone, lie, or spin, and walk away, and a small crowd of lesser conservatives run up and pee on the same droppings, like happy miniature dogs of various breeds. 

They take time yanking up their pants, so to expose their boxers covered with phrases, like just say no to birth control, or rubber is for car tires not the holy wee wee.

 If a BIG DOG conservative has made a pile in the Senate or Congress the little dogs often called “The future of the conservative party,” stumble all over themselves to get one on the top of the pile.  Sometimes its a high pile and one of them falls in, and its a bit of a faux paw, and they give him a tub bath in the Congressional Dog wash.

The ex-president called Mr. Rove the Turd Rose, but I think that’s a bit crude and if one stutters, Ka Ka sounds perfect.  

 Its very important to not pile on a pile beyond its moment in history, but to find a fresh bit of ground to mark with ones excretory elegance.

They do have one man they pay to reverently move their elegant excretions to the other side of the aisle, so the liberals have to hire a man who does one thing only….

He yells, “BAD DOG, BAD DOG, WHO…..DID……..THIS!”

This person is the house minority whip.

Often a conservative puppy will take credit for it, and say, “It is I who shat on the Constitution, at the behest of my largest donor, which is why its such a big pile.”

This is known as bragging rights to ones big stink.

They did learn this from Ka Rose.






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