Jug Heads

Jug heads are pottery used to hold the fermented decontextualized sayings of dead presidents.

These sayings are packed in the spit, piss, and blood of history.

They ferment in the ichor of the dead in war, the sweat of the working poor and the spit of angry crowds in food lines during depressions.

These sayings are often in jest, or taken from movies, or lifted from the heart of the historical moment like the amputated tongue of a idea that used to speak to its time and use.   

The words from inside a stinking submarine downed and dying on the bottom are not the drivil of politicians talking easily about war in the Straits of Hormuz.   

The pickled eggs and sausage in a bar are at least honest in their ingredients on the label.

Pork, sugar, spices, red dye.

There should be a label on the back of any war mongering tough guy running for office that says: meat of the dead, words mechanically separated, this is a potted patriotic political meat food product.


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