Jesus as a potted plant

Jesus became depressed at the way people would always see his face in a window, or on a withered leaf, or in the clouds, but had forgotten he had talked of compassion for the hungry and afflicted.

He wanted to try something new, so he tossed seeds at the earth that would grow into a plant in his image.

It would not be manna from heaven but the man himself, in a high food value plant that would feed the poor and taste even better than chicken.

The heads of this plant would be fried, baked, microwaved, or eaten raw. The plant tasted divine.

He had wanted his body eaten by the hungry in a good way, and he wanted to send a message that he was there for the poor.

Some saw it as a miracle, some saw it as blasphemy to eat Jesus, and when the head dried it did look slightly scary, so some thought it was the devil’s work or a plot against their belief structure.  

Why not a delicious large mango in the shape of Buddha?

Christians mauled each other over what it meant.

Jesus was depressed, but his plant was so good to eat and healthy, people would raise them in pots and secretly eat him in private.  In some countries finding this plant in the yard could get you killed.

Jesus had a bad case of  déjà vu blues.

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