Halo or Zero

Am I the saintly donut hole of a divine coffee shop in the sky?  

Am I the zero that is never going to be as smart as a scientist doing basic research on the eye of the horseshoe crab?

Is my halo built out of hating science for learning something about my zero?

Is the eye of the horseshoe crab the eye of of a billion eyes looking at halos and zeros, like light falling into a black hole?

Am I the saintly zero of total capitulation to the will of the political moment?

Why is my halo so small?

Why is my zero so heavy?

My grandmother still loves me even if my nose is up my zero sniffing my halo.

I keep looking up at my Zero Halo, and it flips to Halo Zero.

My identity winks at me.

Some other people seem to have their noses up their zero sniffing their halo too. 

Without this common shared practice I would have no friends at all.


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