Habitat for the inner man with ass print

He was a new kind of investigative journalist.  He was a political ass printer.

He was a student of the fine art of ass printing.

His special ability was to distort and destroy the image of another human being for money.

He lived in a special habitat for conservative hit men. 

He was  half a man with some bad junk yard dog in him.

Where the junk stopped and the man started, it was hard to say, but his eyes looked like the eyes of a junkyard dog that has hopped the fence of honorable howling.

They called him out to hunt down a black woman whose father had been killed by the Klan, to call her a racist and destroy her life.

Possum News Corp provided the ink pad for his ass, and put the image he lied about in print.

He never said he was sorry for his lies. He knew they were lies, but he was convinced dishonesty is more powerful than truth. Possum News Corp pays well for the post modern use of the conservative ass as an art printing tool.

One day he dropped dead. Perhaps the strain of backing into the truth was too much for him.

Low down dirty jobs have a high risk factor. Ones own heart can rebel.

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