A Guidance System Failure in a Political Nose.

He had a good political nose.

He had always been good at a soft landing in the clevage of a Neo Consevative idea.

He felt confident he could land his beak in the valley of American motherhood.  

Unless they were in a teachers union, a service industry union or any sort of union.

Unless they wanted control over their reproductive rights.

Unless they did not want to be forced to have unprotected sex.

He found those women a bit too strong a landing field for his beak.

He often flew straight into them like a North Korean space shot. 

His nose did not have a very sophisticated guidence system.

It did have a self distruct button.

Women who had been beaked on the peaks of their own self esteem by Pullet Hawk were just starting to feel that he might crash into a real neighborhood of jobs, family, and the working mom, and explode 50 years of hard fought progess.

They liked to be thought of as full citizens first, and landing sites only by consent.

They did not mind being full figured, but they liked to be respected for being able to figure as well as a man.

Even moms who stayed at home with the babies could add up coupons better than he could add up his budget.

Pullet Hawk had smelled his own ambition too long to be able to smell anything equal in a woman.



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