Cry Babies Blackboard

Known as Cry Baby Bat Shit while making money in character,  

he was scribbling on his famous black board like a bad student in the devil’s class in civics, when his chalk jumped out of his hand, and drew on its own.

It was a message from God.

God used the chalk and drew a mysterious symbol on the board.

He fell to his knees in a glorious  fog of  sweaty hubris, and shouted, “LORD, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?”

God raised the chalk to the board again, and wrote the word asshole, twice, on the board, and then said…

“I must apologize, but I have been around a very long time and tend to repeat myself”

Cry Baby felt special in all the wrong places. Twice.

He whimpered; the camera crew looked at him and wondered why he drew that wagon wheel symbol on the black board. They wondered who he was talking too; they thought perhaps he had a vision, or a stroke or was just pretending and had put salt water in his eyes to be able to cry, and wipe his eyes on the American flag.

Cry baby knew he would never be able to tell anyone God had taken over his body for a moment, and goosed him, twice.

He stood before the black board and shouted,


He heard God light up a cigar in the back of his head and blow smoke on his face behind his eyes.

Cry Baby cried even harder. The audience cried too, and God flicked the butt into the darkness of Cry Babies mind, and walked out the back of his head, stretched, and could hear the devil laughing, and the devil said, “I could not stand it in there either, old friend.”

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