Girl empties a political whine skin

Crops based on sexual politics ripen in the head, and are picked and tasted publicly by social media of all kinds.  

Sexual discourse is time travel within the history of having a body that we dress up on the street for generational needs and desires.

It can be the wine of love between physically literate people.  

It can be the whine of forced contact by a rapist who needs control to fill a bottomless need.

It can be the wine one enjoys,  if one still lives in the garden of joy and delight.

A sun dog, a cat on a well clawed couch tasting the rich stillness of the next moment.  

It can be the whine of pitchers who want young women to just catch and breed more balls for the game, and keep smiling.

Women want to empty the political whine skin of squalling preachers who preach to men about their divine control.

When a culture gets too much whine and not enough wine, you can taste the vinegar in the street.


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