Conservative with drill press


The first sound she fell in love with was the keening of the drill press when it was biting through hot steel.

She tried to imitate the sound of the drill press.  The sound of her cry could peel the paint off a car. It caused dogs to howl, and cats to bury their heads in fuzzy arm pits.

Her parents were unable to keep fragile glasses in the house. She was a lanky baby with a voice like bad brakes on a death bus.    

She was only happy when near the tool itself.  She did not want to play with dolls unless a drill press was part of the play. Her dolls had extra holes in them. She loved drilling things.

She could not take her drill press to college and this made her cry. She joined the debating team, and learned to drill real people.  She sold ear plugs under an assumed name to make extra money.

She learned to use her voice, to drill into other peoples ideas, passions. She liked to draw blood. She found that drilling into places filled with pain, got more of that screaming sound she loved. She drilled into the pain of 9-11 widows and got fired from Possum News Network.  They still loved her but had to register her  as a concealed weapon and buy her a silencer.  

She loved to drill into White Liberal Pine, and if it bled, she called them Red. 

She was an extra long shrill bit, in the Possum News Networks  machine shop.

Many of the tools in the Possum News machine shop had failed at other jobs, but paranoid bitterness  kept the edge on those tools even if their mechanics had little  talent in using them.

Possum News Network paid a lot for only a little bit of honest work. Possum News gave bonuses for bitching.  This made the lazy minds watching Possum News Network feel more secure.




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