Cold Nose of Pullet Hawk Scares Mittle Me

He knew Pullet Hawk was ambitious  chicken in the Tea Party Youth Movement.  

He thought Pullet wore a face that would charm all of the Anglo Saxon elderly while leaving  the ‘others’ in the backwaters of political failure.

In a flood of extreme conservatism, the weak have to drown.

Its an ethical position tested since the Dark Ages.

Who says the Dark Ages were really dark anyway?

One should have the right to be destroyed by Wall Street CEO’s who fix the books and hide their earnings. Its the American Way.

He thought Possum News Network lies would take care of the ideas a young Pullet had left squirming on the bleeding skin of the American Dream.

The first time they touched noses,  Mittle Me was filled with a chill a penguin would feel if its child turned out to be a shill for Leopard Seals.

Mittle Me was terrified, and he knew that nose was one step away from the White House if he was elected.

A dog’s cold nose was natural, but a man’s cold nose was pathological.  He would not be able to put Pullet Hawk on top of the car. He would ride behind him in the White House.

He knew Pullet was not frostbitten by natural means.

Mittle was willing to turn America into a sheep farm. Tended by a blood clot of lawyers, tax accountants and an intestinal blockage in the Supreme Court.

Suddenly he knew the Vice President was an ice road leading to a frozen grave.  



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