Chained Dog Gets His Water Board Repossessed

It was a bleak day when they came for his board. He he did not surf, or skate board, or snow board, but he did Water Board.

The screaming man’s head was strapped to the board, and the little tea pot that could poured liquid into the rag over his nose. The man was learning a new sport, from the second most powerful man in the United States. 

Chained Dog knew what he wanted to hear in advance, and when he heard it he knew it was the truth.

Chained Dog never got the man who ordered the bombing of the World Trade Center.  He said it was not important. The primary thing was getting the rules changed on torture. Chained Dog likes to change rules of engagement, to subvert freedom for its own good.  Gas Fracking  is a kind of water boarding of mother nature, and nothing made him feel more powerful than slapping that bitch around.

Give it up mama nature. Give it up, just go surfing with Chained Dog.  The collateral damage that drifts ashore on oyster beds, or methane bubbles  in a river is just grandpa Chained Dog changing the rules of engagement for freedom’s own good.

 He is Green Technology, leaking methane, powered by a battery.  

Crying for his lost toys, but never crying for lost boys.





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