Cat concerned and confused by trance

The dentist looked at the presidents teeth on television, and they looked too perfect to be real.

The presidents big warm smile scared her. 

 He could not be real, the first African American President should not be real.

She told her cat that something was wrong with the president. 

The cat believed her.

She said the president was not a citizen.

The cat believed her.

The cat believed her because she was fed, her litter was changed, and she  had a nice place to sleep.

She was a kept cat.

When her mistress went into her political trance the cat became afraid and would paw at her head. 

Trance eyes scared the cat.

Kitty liked well balanced eyes looking at a can of cat food.

She knew her mistress was crazy and she knew the dog was crazy, but the dog could not use a can opener.

Even a racist dentist can be loved by a cat that needs a can of cat food.



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