Cable Preacher Wears Diapers To Catch Errant Prayer

He was getting old.  Sometimes his prayers went out the wrong cultural doorway.

He was the master of the nod off prayer.

It looked like he was dozing off, and he would catch himself and dribble toward an early amen.

He perfected the terrible two year old prayer. He would bawl his outrage, and treat God like an exhausted mother in a grocery store.

He was  a dusty old spiritual vacuum cleaner.  

He needed his bag changed.  His comments about women and abortion made many of them them want to change his bag. 

He was not alone, many of his contemporaries were spiritual vacuums.

This skill at being boring, sleepy, and creepy, was a delivery style that appealed to Republicans who tended to die on the political couch and not be found for a month.














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