Anti abortion dress for rape victims

After the rape, the women were prevented from traveling to a more civilized state or nation.

They were dressed in dresses made out of recycled tires.

Neoconservatives wanted the primal womb lands as corporate farms for workers that would be sent to  private schools to take classes in common senselessness.

They had boxing gloves put on the womens hands, one had a soft rubber spoon the other a molded in bowl.

This felt like Christian green technology, since forgiveness was a way to recycle all bad conservative ideas.

All women who had undergone family  planning  were criminals.

They would be fed a high protein gruel using  utensils that could not be used to self abort, commit suicide or help each other. 

Young men who were in love with themselves would manage their care.

A child is a only a beautiful thing to a neoconservative if it is a political bookmark in a religious text used for economic control. Its not different in many poor nations.

Women who had flown helicopter gunships and fighter jets felt like space capsules carrying an internal life to an unknown and toxic future. 

They wondered why the rest of the nation did not notice Pullet Hawk, the Vice Presidential pick in  2012, was a terrorist.

He was born inside an ego gravitational field in a narcissitic fog so dense,  he could wrap a small flag around his manhood and wave it at the national skirt.


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