An Ass Face Devil With A Roll Of Toilet Paper

After he had paid a woman a lot of money to not publish the sexual content he had painted her with on the phone, the famous Big Head never mentioned it again.

He tried to forget the geographical locations that his suggestive words had visited on her body.  The money helped her forget, and kept her quiet so that he would not be fired from his show on Possum News. The desires she had so detested that coated her memories evaporated from her psychological skin.

He had a dream one night that a level of hell was filled with ass faced devils and that he was one of them and the words that came out of his face fell in syncopation with all the other ass faced devils wearing the faces of blowhards and bullies. The poor devils themselves had once been a face on an ass faced devil but had graduated to just wearing one.

The one who carried Big Head on his ass, found that Big Head was much quieter if he sat on his face and took a break.


At five O clock hell time all the ass faced devils sat down for a while at the same time. They got a glass of ice tea and something to eat.

One would think with a famous pundit or wag on ones ass that it would spur conversation or perhaps they could sing duets, or tell each other jokes. Like Knock Knock jokes….but this got old fast.

If you were an Ass Faced Devil, you could look forward to a noisy honeymoon with your new partner.  

Hell was not a destination, it was a place of learning. One could get a scholarship if one worked at verbally bullying others in life.

Big Head was a fine student. 

Big Head woke up.  He could not quite remember the dream, but he was afraid.



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