A Scary Texas Rodeo Clown In A Dream Sounded So Much Like Ted Cruz It Made Me Feel Blue

I asked him his name, he said, “my name is Bullmush.” 

I asked him Bullmushwhat it meant, and he said, “Bullmush is something with pert flatulence and a bland posture.”

I said, “You are blowing Bullmush bubbles with your ass in my head.”

He said, “Its a primitive yet plaintive growth medium for bad ideas.”

I asked him if there were other Texas rodeo clowns and he said, “Bullshit.”

He said Bullshit is a Texas rodeo clown more senior than him and if he got Bullshit’s job it would be a step up from Bullmush.

He looked at me and said, “Ted Cruz is nothing special, but he speaks Bullmush, my lost language that pre-existed real grammatical politics.”

This is a powerful language for those with weakened intellectual defense mechanisms.

I felt a great desire to turn Bullmush into Bullshit and get a  flat shovel.

Bullmush the scary Texas rodeo clown just smiled and said, “thanks.”

He knew the shoveling would never end.

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