Category: The Scatological Anatomy Of Extremism

The Belly Dancing Ventriloquist.

bellydancerHe practiced belly dancing in front of the mirror. He had studied the body language of extremism by watching old films of dictators and political killers. He felt their power came from the belly and gave birth to incitement to arms. If he could combine ventriloquism and belly dancing, attaching  the Outlaw Puppet to his belly and chest and make it move, talk, and tell racist jokes, he would be unique.   He had studs implanted in his body that snapped onto the Outlaw Puppets joints.   He was not ashamed of his muscular fat, and performed in his skivvies. He had a following of plump girls called the Steamed Buns.  They sat up front and screamed when his sweat reached them.  He has big dreams for America.


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A Scary Texas Rodeo Clown In A Dream Sounded So Much Like Ted Cruz It Made Me Feel Blue

I asked him his name, he said, “my name is Bullmush.” 

I asked him Bullmushwhat it meant, and he said, “Bullmush is something with pert flatulence and a bland posture.”

I said, “You are blowing Bullmush bubbles with your ass in my head.”

He said, “Its a primitive yet plaintive growth medium for bad ideas.”

I asked him if there were other Texas rodeo clowns and he said, “Bullshit.”

He said Bullshit is a Texas rodeo clown more senior than him and if he got Bullshit’s job it would be a step up from Bullmush.

He looked at me and said, “Ted Cruz is nothing special, but he speaks Bullmush, my lost language that pre-existed real grammatical politics.”

This is a powerful language for those with weakened intellectual defense mechanisms.

I felt a great desire to turn Bullmush into Bullshit and get a  flat shovel.

Bullmush the scary Texas rodeo clown just smiled and said, “thanks.”

He knew the shoveling would never end.

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